Thursday, May 02, 2013

New post what the what?

This post is actually more of a fake out.  I was deleting all my old posts (I weeded through them, 99% were irrelevant and unimportant to history, so I deleted all but the adorable manatees) and decided that, for slightly sentimental reasons, I would keep the blog.  But, since it is virtually useless, I will link you to all of my new and improved websites!

Heather Disco Dot Com
Internet portfolio of my filmmaking, photography, and other adventures

Sea Monster Entertainment
The website for my video store / comic & gaming shop in Alaska

Heather C
My personal website about anything and everything and nothing but something

Green Arrow: Year One
Website for the feature film we are shooting this summer, 2013

Anyhow, I am outta here.  Thanks for still keeping track of me!

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